Building Envelope Testing

Salimus (ATTMA-UK Certified) provides the following on-site building envelope testing services using the following methods:

Air Tightness Test using Blower-Door Test Method.

Test per ATTMA Technical Standards TSL1 and TSL2, BS EN Standard 13829 or ASTM Standard E779.

Level-2 Registered ATTMA Air Tightness Testers (Members of ATTMA Competent Persons Scheme).

Approved Training Partners (ATP) by ATTMA of the United Kingdom.

Hi-Performance Minneapolis Blower-door Systems made by The Energy Conservatory (TEC).

Computerized Standard Procedure Application (High Accuracy).

Air Leakage Inspection using Infrared Thermal Imaging Method and Smoke Test (Fog Test) Method.

Inspection per ASTM Standard E1186.

Thermal Imaging and Smoke Testing (Fog Testing) Services for EHS-Trakhees, and the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

Hi-Quality German-made Infrared Camera from Testo.

Water Leakage Test using Pressure Hose Test Method.

Test according to AAMA Standard 501.2-03.

Original “Monarch” Test Kit.

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