Integrity Testing for Offshore Temporary Refuges

November 9, 2023

In reference to the Energy Institution UK Standard

A Temporary Refuge (TR) is defined by the UK Health & Safety Executive as “A place where personnel can muster safely in an emergency, monitor and assess the developing situation”. In such cases, the personnel will have appropriate time and place to either take control action over the emergency, such a hazardous gases leakage, explosion, uncontrolled fluid release, …, etc. The TR is expected to maintain a comfortable and safe indoor place, where the self-contained Temporary Refuge encapsulate the personnel and provides Emergency Radiocommunication, Air supply system and First Aid Kit.

Temporary Refuge (TR) test is a mandatory integrity testing for preventing intoxicating gaseous infiltration in case of fire, leakage and explosion. The test is performed according to “Guidance on Integrity Testing for Offshore Installation Temporary Refuges” by Energy Institute (UK). This guidance provides a standard methodology for testing and reporting the integrity of offshore temporary refuges (TRs) with regards to air leakage rate and the potential for ingress of gas or smoke.

Engineering Standards and Specifications defined by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) also considers Temporary Refuges in its Risk Assessment regulations and key requirement to any layout for hazardous areas and emergency evacuation. ADNOC also specify the requirements for the offshore TRs to reach a degree of protection for the minimum period needed to carry a safe evacuation and / or action from personnel as a apart of its Offshore Emergency Response Guidance.

Salimus Consultancy and Envelope Testing engineers are working with all major oil and gas companies in providing Integrity Testing using our state-of-the-art TEC Fans.


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